CrossFit U is for Everyone

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Melbourne’s Premium CrossFit Gym
West Melbourne | Yarraville

No Mirrors, No Egos

You won’t find treadmills or machines at CrossFit U – the only machine we train is the one you’re using right now, your body!

Supportive Community

You won’t just be another number at a Gym, CrossFit U is a place where everyone knows your name!

CrossFit U is for Everyone

Teachers, students, busy executives, mothers,  and tradesman! All workouts are scaled to suit your fitness and skill level. Your grandmother could do CrossFit!

You don't need to be fit to start CrossFit - Our members get great results regardless of age, background, or fitness level.

Sheridan S
Hair Dresser / Motivator / CrossFitters



Sean L
Digital Marketer / Bored of the Gym / CrossFitter


Jacinda C
Physiotherapist  / Mobility Guru / CrossFitter


What is CrossFit?

Constantly Varied

Routine is the enemy (and it's boring!). Every day we have a new workout, designed to give you a well rounded and effective way of getting fit!

Functional Movement

No machines, no egos, no mirrors - just coaches! We teach you how to use your body as it was designed to be used.

High Intensity

Our classes are 60 Minutes long and designed to improve your strength and fitness fast!

Scalable to All Fitness Levels

Everyone can do CrossFit. All classes have a coach to ensure that you're working at the correct level for your ability.

CrossFit U is a community of expert coaches and like minded individuals who are driven to improve their health and fitness. Together we want to get stronger, fitter, and healthier so that we’re ready for whatever life throws at us.

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