Melbournes Premium CrossFit Facility

CrossFit U is a community of expert coaches and like minded individuals who are driven to improve their health and fitness. Together we want to get stronger, fitter, and healthier so that we’re ready for whatever life throws at us.  CrossFit U is just 5 minutes away from the Melbourne CBD – car parking is never an issue!

No treadmills, No Mirrors, No Egos.

The only machine we train is the one you’re using right now, your body!  You won’t just have one workout partner , you’ll have several and they will be with you all the way through a workout – sweating and cheering you on through the whole process.

An environment that makes it easy to achieve your goals.

There won’t be hours of walking on treadmills or programs you’ve done a million times. In fact, the hardest thing you’ll ever need to do at any session is step through the door.

CrossFit U Is for Everyone.

All our workouts are designed to be scaled according to your fitness and skill level. Our community is made up of Teachers, students, busy executives, parents,  and tradesman. Our expert coaches will ensure each workout is perfect for you. Your grandmother could and should do CrossFit.

Meet Your Coaches

Alex Cheong

Coach / Owner / Geek
After working abroad in the advertising industry for 7 years, I decided to follow my passion and retrain as a CrossFit coach. I’m probably one of the biggest CrossFit junkies you will ever meet – my idea of a holiday was working at the CrossFit regionals and travelling around Europe in a van visiting gyms!

I played Underwater Hockey for New Zealand when I was 16 (yes it’s a real sport!), I did a little stint as a Divemaster in Thailand, and I used to throw myself out of planes for fun. .

Ben Reynolds

Coach / Owner
I am currently studying a Bachelor of Science, majoring in Sport Science and Exercise and Health.

I was introduced to CrossFit during a stint in the ADF. Prior to that, my training involved traditional bodybuilding methods, long slow distance running and martial arts. I found that I really enjoyed the way CrossFit mixed different elements of fitness together.

I am always looking for ways to further my knowledge in health and fitness.

David Vuong

Coach / Weightlifting Geek
I believe time is best spent doing things that you enjoy most and CrossFit is one of them!  It was not until early 2013 when I found CrossFit U.  I have found specialty areas (movements) that I’ve particularly enjoyed and have educated myself outside the box – Olympic Weightlifting, Gymnastics and Mobility.

Will Huyn

I am passionate about health, fitness and performance. I love seeing people reach their goals! As a kid growing up, I absolutely loved martial arts and movies!

Throughout the years I have experienced a number of different styles: Judo, Wrestling, BJJ, Boxing, Muay Thai and Karate. I did Karate for over 5 years and achieved my 1st dan black belt.

Training and coaching Crossfit are an integral part of my life.

Smart Programming to suit all Levels of Fitness and Goals

Imagine your fitness like a Mountain. The bigger the base of the mountain, the higher the peak!

Base Programming

Our Base Programming forms a SOLID foundation for both our beginner and advanced members. The goal of this program is to create a STRONG foundation of fitness and enable you to achieve your health and fitness goals!

Strength and Olympic LIfting
We need to be strong in the basic strength movements like back squat, deadlift and the presses. In strength work we follow a progressive cycle that will require more volume or intensity each week. The movements we use are simple but are very effective in building strength. Learning the olympic lifts (snatch and clean & jerk) are king to helping you develope, speed, power, and mobility.

This is the wod (workout of the day) at your gym. Our focus is on variety and the goal is gpp (general physical preparedness). We test ourselves with the classic crossfit workouts, and for every other session, we vary movements, loads, equipment and time domains to ensure exposure to a broad stimulus. The workouts are varied but not random. Lots of planning and thought goes into each workout.

Muscle ups, handstand push ups, handstand walks, pistols and toes-to-bar are just a few movements that we realise are often better trained in a non-intense environment (that is, not in a workout). We can get good practice for these movements in relaxed and focused gymnastic skill sessions. The goal here is to work on progressions that are specific to the individual.

Peak Programming

Peak Programming is for people who want a little MORE out of their fitness and can dedicate a little more time to pursuing it. It will complement the Base program and not replace it. Completing the BASE programming in class will be the priority for every member.

Weightlifting & Olympic lifting
“Rhythms” is where we focus on moving the barbell fast and effectively through multiple rep cycling (tap and go style). We see this as a great way of building strength through eccentric loading

Strength and skill will only get you so far, your “engine” is the thing that keeps you moving. The daily metcon (your gym’s wod) will build your engine but for competitive athletes we need to put in additional conditioning work. These sessions will be single modality and mainly interval based – work:rest scenarios. These sessions do not replace the metcon but will be added on top of it. The goal here is obvious – build a big engine so you can go harder and faster for longer.

“Calisthenics” is the application of gymnastic skill exercises. These sessions are not to learn the skill but to apply them in a workout situation. Competitive athletes need to learn to perform high skill gymnastic movements under a fatigue state. The goal is to get comfortable with the high skill movements so when tested they are as natural as can be.

This is where the Ordinary Becomes the ExtraOrdinary

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