Meet our member of the month Ben! Ben will receive a bag of protein from our friends at Primal Health Products to help fuel his recovery and gains for the June.

We think Ben is pretty awesome, as he’s like most of us!

He’s busy – he’s has 3 kids, and is a shift worker!
He doesn’t have HUGE Fitness Goals, he’s just wants to feel good!

Ben just works hard, and makes the time – Ben is a legend!

Thanks for being part of the CrossFit U Community!

My name is Ben Ruddick, I’m an electricity network controller. So when your power goes out, I’m frantically working away in a control room trying to get it back on. I’ve got three kids, a 6 year old, 4 year old, and a two week year old. They keep me pretty active and entertained.

In the past I was training at a 24 hour gym and just doing the same old boring routine. I really lacked any intensity. I train to keep fit and healthy, and just the social aspect as well. Just getting out and about and interacting with people.

My advice for a beginner would be to – what I didn’t do at the start was get my nutrition correct, I just trained. I’m just finding now, that I would be getting better results if I got my nutrition in line.

I suppose my end goal for CrossFit is to keep doing it and see how far it can take me, but as far as it comes to goals – I just want to be fit and healthy- I don’t really have a goal yet.

I went to boarding school so there are 5 movies we watch every weekend – the last boy scout, brave heart, I can’t remember the others, but there were 5 set….