This week I want to challenge you all to think about your minimums! Most of us know our maximums – the max numbers of weight we can lift, the max distance we can run etc – but have you ever stopped to think about your minimums?

I’ve been thinking a lot about minimums lately and how knowing them is more important to training – here’s why.

Many of us start the week with a plan, a perfect scenario – Train 5x Week, Eat clean until Sunday, get 8 hours of sleep etc…. think of this as your max, but as soon as the week starts, deadlines with work start to creep up, family commitments, friendships etc. LIFE GETS IN THE WAY. This is where knowing your minimums is really important – whats the minimum amount of clean eating, training, and recovery you’ll commit to, even when life gets in the way….

It’s easy to get caught up with the numbers in CrossFit – faster workout times, heavier weights, longer distances… but don’t forget while these numbers are going up, other numbers are going up as well. This week, I want you think about the first weight that you lift on your warm up. Is that weight going up? To me this is an important weight, as it’s the weight that your body is ready to lift without a warm up – it’s your ready state (the state that you’re in 99% of the time…).

Anyway that’s my rant for this Monday. Have an awesome week, and stay tuned for more info on the Christmas Party and 28 Day Partner Challenge.

Comment below with your minimums!

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