In February, CrossFit U will be running a ‘Don’t Eat Sh*T’ nutrition challenge!  The month will be dedicated to healthy eating, and developing and nurturing healthy eating habits for body composition, performance and wellness.

There couldn’t be a more perfect time to run this challenge, it’s a short month,  there aren’t any holidays to tempt you away from the path of clean eating, and chances are most of your friends are going through the Feb fast anyway! Add a supportive community of like minded CrossFitters and  there’s no way you can’t succeed!

In order to make sure you succeed we will be running a few events through the challenge!

  • Paleo Eating 101 with Jase from Natural Whole Foods – January 28th, 7:30pm – 8:30pm
    Join Jason from Natural Whole Foods as he speaks about Paleo Nutrition, and how you can use some simple rule to ensure sucesss during our 28 day Food Challenge.
  • Photos and Measurements (Optional) –  January 31st
  • Paleo Cooking 101 With Natural Whole Foods – Ferbruary 9th, 7:30pm – 8:30pm
  • The team from Natural Whole Foods will be sharing their industry secrets on how they cook delicious paleo meals for the Melbourne CrossFit Community, and how you can do it for yourself. This is an awesome chat, not to be missed!
  • End of  Challenge BBQ aka CrossFit Open 15.1 – February 28th

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