Isn’t this video awesome – everything is perfectly aligned, timed, and sequenced. All the parts come together to create a masterpiece. Many of us wait for this ‘perfect time’ to start our health, nutrition, and fitness – Unfortunately reality isn’t like this and the stars will never align – the truth is:

It’s always going to be too cold
We’re always going to need more time;
We’re always going to want to be more motivated;
We’re always going to need more money;
We’re always going to be searching for the ‘perfect’ workout program
Tomorrow. Next Week. Never

The search for the perfect choice, stop us from making any choice at all. Its stops us from growing.

The reality is, there is no perfect time, and there never will be. Sure there will be days when the sun is shining, you’ve had 8 hours sleep, your partner has lovingly created breakfast for you, and you’re now ready to get after your workout… BUT these moments are rare and far between.

Don’t wait for these moments, MAKE THEM!

Too Cold? Go shopping for warmer clothing!
Need More Time? Schedule it!
Need more motivation? Create a reward that excites you!
Need more money? Sell that old mobile phone that you never use!
Waiting for the perfect time – now is the perfect time…