Contrary to popular believe, Coach B wasn’t brought into this world the beast of the man that he is today. This blog post will let you know his deep dark secret about how to get stronger, whilst also avoiding burpees from coach Cheongy…. WRITE YOUR NUMBERS DOWN!

Keeping a record of your numbers is not only good for avoiding burpees. It’s important information that shows how you’re progressing and helps you figure out what weight, time or reps you should be aiming for in each session. If you’re going for a PB on your deadlift, knowing your one rep max makes it easy to figure out what weights to warm up on instead of winging it. If you know your PB time for Angie you can push yourself to do even better next time.

Cheongy's Chicken Scratch

Cheongy’s Chicken Scratch

You don’t need a fancy diary (although they are cool, and available for $30 through CFU), you just need to get it written down somewhere, and have it available during a training session. You can write down your numbers in different ways, depending on what you find most helpful. Some people keep very detailed info, some people only record the essentials. Here’s an example of what I write down for strength:

Date. Movement – Weight (number of reps)
E.g. 23 April, 2013. Back Squat – 60kg (Three Reps)

I also write down my results for any named WODs, even if I had to scale (you can write the results from every WOD if you like, but the named ones are definitely going to come around again):

Date. WOD name – Result (scaling)
E.g. 27 March, 2013. Grace – 6:00 (35kg)

There are all kinds of things that you can log for your records, depending on how keen you are. Here are some ideas that might be beneficial:

  • Time of day
  • What you ate before the class
  • How much sleep you got
  • How you were feeling before/during/after the class
  • Whether you had any injuries

It takes 5 minutes to keep track of your numbers, but the real magic happens when you want to figure out how you PB’d your squat by 10kg last month. Did you get heaps of sleep that week? Did you lift in the afternoon? Did you have a couple of days off before you PB’d? It’s all about data, and it doesn’t exist if you don’t write it down!

There are also a variety of smart phone apps out there for logging results. Some are free, some are paid, some are good, some are bad. I really like “WOD – Workout Logger” for Apple devices.

I’m on Android now though and there aren’t any really excellent apps. “XFit PR” is the one I use and it’s limited but it does the job

Happy logging!

Warm Up

3 rounds (Don’t put the KB Down during a round)

10 Kettlebell Swings
10 Goblet Squats
10 KB Halos
10 Weighted Glute Bridges


Power Cleans x 3 x 5
Backsquat 70-80% x 5 x 4

WOD – Partner WOD

40 Heavy Thrusters 50/40
40 High box jumps (30/24)
40 Heavy KB swings 32/24
40 CTB Pullups

Bar and KB need to be passed to each other – ie, does not touch the ground till finished. One partner needs to be on the bar at all times for CTB pullups