The Secret Sauce in Achieving Your Goals

Many of us assume that a person’s success or failure is determined largely by their motivation, discipline, and intelligence, but we often forget that our social network (the people around us) play a huge role in this as well!

It’s safe to say if you hang out with people who drink a lot you’ll likely be tempted to drink alot as well. The same can be said about unhealthy food, and exercise – why is it so socially acceptable to say ‘I can’t believe you CrossFit, thats crazy!’ than it is to say ‘I can’t believe you eat donuts, that’s crazy!’. Most of the time it isn’t peer pressure (friends forcing donuts into your mouth), but it’s the subtle influence that your social group will have on you(friends with donuts!). You simply end up in more challenging situations that are not supportive of your goals.

Woah – Cheongy, are you suggesting I drop all my friend who love donuts and beer – NOT AT ALL! The chances are these friends will support you in other ways that are far beyond the realms of fitness/CrossFit. Instead I’m suggesting that you get involved in the CrossFit U community.

  • If there’s someone you don’t know, introduce yourself to them
  • Join the CrossFit U Facebook Social Page
    West Melbourne or Yarraville
  • Go out for a Coffee with the Saturday Morning Crew.
  • High five someone at the end of the WOD.

The truth is we’re always going to have negative influences in our lives – but by increasing the positive influences we can slowly begin to outweigh the negative and work closer towards our fitness goals. I used to find it quite difficult to explain CrossFit to my friends – ‘Constantly varied, functional… etc’ – now it’s a bit easier and I just say ‘Its a group of friends, working together to getting better each day!’

Stay Awesome and I’ll see you in Class!