Making Time For Your Goals

Today I want to talk to you about making time. We know that you’re busy – Every one is busy – Exams, Assignments, Deadlines, Childrens to pick up from schools. We’re all trying to cram in so much into our day, that we often forget to schedule in time to work towards our goals.

The truth Nobody is going to give you time, you need to take it. You need to make time for the things that are important to you. Here are some simple steps on how you can start making time for the things that are important.

  1. Decide How much time you can realistically spend on working towards you health and fitness goals
  2. Get your Calendar for the next two weeks
  3. Block out time that you can dedicate to self improvement (make sure the reminders are on!)
  4. When the time comes, make sure you commit to it!

That’s it guys – it’s really simple.

We have our booking system Zen Planner – if you’re really serious about making health and fitness a focus in your life – block out some time on Sunday, and book in all your classes for the week. Every time you reserve a class, you’re making one more positive step towards your future self.

Zen Planner have a really cool members app which you can download

Android Apple

Or if you want you can access and book you class via the Zenplanner website

See you next time!