How is your training going? Today I want to talk to you about a very important part of CrossFit. Scaling! By now you’ve probably heard the term RX. Which is a term that means ‘as prescribed’ or performing the workout as it was written. When you first start CrossFit, it can be tempting to chase RX , I know, I was there! The problem with chasing RX is that it can push you to work above your skill / fitness level. This is where scaling comes in.

Scaling allows YOU to perform a workout that is OPTIMAL for YOU! The truth is EVERYONE will need to scale a workout at some point – even our more experienced members and coaches! Scaling just means we can still train side by side while everyone gets a workout that is appropriate for them. Don’t forget, you can scale down, and up!

Think of scaling like the stepping stones to mastering a movement. Do you want a pull up? Then you better make sure you’ve got some awesome ring rows! Want handstand Push Ups? THen you better make sure you’ve got some push ups! I heard a great saying once – How do you eat an Elephant? One Bite at a time!

Fitness isn’t going to happen over night, but with steady and consistent progress you’ll be crushing it in no time! Here are some ideas that you can use for scaling (but when in doubt, always ask a coach!)

Rope Climb = Rope Sit to Stand, or Pike Ring Row
HandStand Push Up = Seated DB Press, or Pushpress, or Pushup
Pistol/1 Legged Squat = Walking Lunge variation (Overhead, Zercher)
Toes to bar = Hanging Knee Raise, or Slamball, or Situp
PullUp = Slamball, or Ring Row, or DB Row
Ring Dips = Ring Pushups, or Pushups
Muscle Up = Burpee + TTB
Double Under = Single Under or Plate Jump, or Run
Wallballs = Medball Clean, or Air Squat
Clean = Hang Power Clean, or Deadlift, or Russian Swing
Snatch = Hang Power Snatch, or Snatch grip Deadlift, or Sumo Deadlift Highpull
Push Jerk = Pushpress, or Single Arm Pushpress
Push Press = Strict Press, or Single Arm Press

See you in Class!