You may not know this, but I’m a huge fan of the UFC, and one things that true in the UFC, is that everyone will eventually lose at some point. Its the same with life, training and fitness – at some point you’re going to make a mistake! So today I want to talk about the difference between a SETBACK and a FAILURE

If you slip up, eat off plan, or miss a training sessions…that’s a setback. It’s normal for these to happen, don’t beat yourself up about it. Rather take a minute, asses the situation, take note of what happened, and what you can do about it in the future, now get back on track.

You only FAIL if you decide that your health and fitness isn’t worth it. That the journey is too hard, and taking control of body is impossible. That’s failure because it’s simply not true.

At the end of the day, we are the sum of the decisions we make, and we want to make sure the majority of our decisions are choosing health, not disease. You are training at CrossFit U because you WANT health, vitality, and the confidence that comes with taking care of yourself. Don’t feel guilty about skipping a workout, or having the occasional junk meal – because the majority of your other decisions are PUSHING you towards your goals, and feeling AMAZING.

Take some time today and go back to the 5 Whys Exercise we did a couple of weeks ago! And remind yourself why your’e on this journey!

Stay awesome, and I’ll see you in class!