Meet Coach Maria – Today’s she’s going to be running through some pre-workout mobility that you can do before every session.Think of your muscles like rubber bands – if there are knots if you rubber bands, no amount of stretching will help you get them more flexible until you’ve undone those knots!

The foam roller, and the lacrosse ball are simple and great tools that we can use to help relieve our bodies of pain and tightness. The foam roller can help release the fascia, which is the tissues that sit on top of the muscles.

Foam Rolling Sequence

  1. Start with the Glutes
    Spend 20 secs per Glute
  2. Work your way down to the Hamstrings
  3. Then the calf muscles
    For more tension through the calves try crossing one leg on top of the other
  4. Flip over and start working your quads
    If they are really tight, work one Quad at a time

Trigger Ball Sequence

  1. Place the trigger ball on your hips
    Use the weight of the body on the wall to increase pressure
  2. Work up towards your shoulders
    Working around the muscles of the scapular, spending time on any areas that are feeling especially restricted
  3. Work the ball around to the side of the shoulders
  4. Then the front of the chest / pec
    This area can get fairly stiff from long sessions at the desk.

That’s it guys – come in early, and work on your mobility!

Happy Training!

CrossFit U