Intro to the Barbell
Weightlifting 101

How is your training going? Today we’re going to be giving you a quick little introduction to the Barbell – we know that it can be a little intimidating when you first start! So here are some quick tips

  1. Know your Barbells
    We have 3 Types of Barbells at the Gym – The Male Barbell, The Female Barbell, and the Training Barbell.  The biggest differences between the barbells is the weight. The male Barbells weight 20kg, the Females weigh 15kg, and the training barbells weigh 10kg. You can tell the female barbells as they have black tape around them.
  2. Safety
    Make sure you have always clips on your bar – it will help keep the weights from sliding around, and over balancing you.
    Never Squat or Bench Press alone – especially if you’re unsure about the weight that you’re lifting!
  3. Track Your Numbers
    Tracking your numbers will make sure that you’re making little improvements from week to week. Always include the weight of the Barbell. So if we’re using a Male Bar, with 2 x 10 Kgs weights on either side – the total weight will be 40kgs. Zen Planner is a really good tool to help you keep on top of this, but if you prefer, you can always use a good old fashioned pen and paper.
  4. Taking Weights Off The Barbell
    Always make sure you’re taking weights off evenly on the Rack.
  5. Control Your Bar
    Isn’t it cool that you can drop your Barbells in CrossFit? The only thing we ask, is that you control your barbell – Don’t let it drop and go bouncing everywhere!

That’s it guys, a quick little intro to the Barbell – It’s not that scary, and it’s a great tool to help you achieve your health and fitness goals! Oh actually, there’s one more thing – Be an awesome member of the community, and always help each other pack up the weights

See you in class!