Stay Motivated
5 Ways to Track Your Results

Did you know if you make a 1% improvement everyday – over 1 year you would have made  a 365% improvement? Actually, that’s not quite true, if you improved by 1% each day, the cumulative effect of growth would actually equate to 3778% – one of our math wizard members corrected us! The moral of the story is that little changes can equal big changes! ..’

We think that people put too much pressure on them selves to be perfect, and get everything right, when the truth is,  that isn’t life – Perfection is a Pipe dream, instead we should strive for progress – to be less shit than yesterday!

Today I want to give you some ways in which you can track how you’re improving – and it’s not just a number on a scale.

  • Performance (Reps, Weights, Times, and Distances)
    If you haven’t already, make sure you download the Zen Planner App  The Zen Planner App allows you to track your workouts from week to week. It only takes 1 minute after every session to enter in your results,  and it’s a really good way of keep motivated through this process.
  • A Picture Paints a Thousand Words
    Take a photo – From the front, from the side, and from the back. Just keep it on your mobile phone, and check in on it, and update it every month – schedule it in your calendar!
  • Circumference and Skinfolds
    Muscle weighs more than fat, so in your first few months you can expect to increase your scale weight! Don’t worry that’s normal, you’re putting on healthy metabolic tissue, that will help you burn more fat, and give your body shape. Because of this, we recommend you track your chest, arm, and thigh size (keep it simple).  A CrossFit U coach can help you with this, but if you want to do it yourself just follow this link to find out how. The key is just to keep the site of measurement consistent from month to month.
  • Movement Control and Familiarity
    Every now and then, take some time and look back at the skills you’ve learnt at CrossFit U. Maybe you’re not as confused any more in class, or maybe you’re helping a new person feel comfortable in class.   When you realise how far you’ve come, it’s a pretty cool feeling to have!
    And Finally
  • How do you feel?
    This one is less about the numbers,  and just about being aware of your body, and how you feel. Do you have more energy levels throughout the day? Maybe you have less cravings? Are those WODs getting easier and easier?

That’s it guys  – as you can see, there are loads of ways to track your progress – You don’t need to track all of them, just pick a few and put some reminders in your diary to check in on them – no more than once a month though!

Finish every session with  the question – did I do enough to be less shit than yesterday!

Stay Awesome!