Welcome to Day 2
Everyone can CrossFit, even your Mother!

Lets discuss the the importance of Scaling. Scaling can help you achieve your results quickly and safely. Then we’re going to be taking you through the Push Up, and different variations you will use in Crossfit as you progress you can use, depending on your ability.

Scaling is a really important part of CrossFit – the truth is, everyone is different – we all have our strengths and our weakness, but we one thing is for sure. We all have the capacity to improve ourselves, scaling just makes sure we’re using the right exercise and intensities. We have a saying at CrossFit U – Your mother should be able to workout next to you!

At CrossFit U our coaches insure you’re using the most efficient scaling for your skill and fitness level.

push-ups-chair-400x400THE PUSH UP
Lets talk about the Push Up – The Push Up is a great exercise for developing upper body strength, and healthy
shoulders – All you need is a floor! What we want to see in the push up, is arms locked out at the top, then chest touching the floor at the bottom. If you’re struggling to achieve this movement – you can try the following scalings. Grab a chair / table / stool, and do your push up on them. The lower the object the harder the push up. As you get stronger from session to session, just keep using a lower object.

For todays workout, you will be doing and completly smashing what we call AMRAP. Which stands for As many reps as possible. You’re going to be doing an AMRAP 8 – As Many Reps as possible in 8 Minutes of:

5 Push Ups
10 Sits Ups
15 Air Squats

The beauty about this workout, is that while you’re doing your push ups, you’re resting for you sit ups, while you’re doing your sit ups, you’re resting for your air squats – You get the picture! Stay focused on moving, and breathing through out this workout, and i’ll see you tomorrow, where I’ll be sharing my favorite nutrition hack, which will help you jump start your health and fitness goals.

See you tomorrow!