Time to get after your Goals – Here’s How!

How did you go with setting your goals? Did you take some time to find out your goals, and why they were important to you? Awesome if you did – having a clear idea of what you want to achieve, and why its important will help keep you motivated when the going gets tough! We call this an outcome orientated goal – it describes where you want to be at the end of the process.

Now that we have establish where we want to be – we need to establish how we’re going to get there! We often can’t control the outcomes goals – life will get in the way – You’re busy at work, your child get sick, your gym closes, you have deadlines to meet, you get sick, you’re too stressed, etc… This doesn’t mean we should just give up! No, we control the the things we can control – introducing behavior goals. Behavior Goals are the steps and actions it takes to achieve our outcomes. The good news is we have 100% control over our behaviors.

So here’s today exercise.

Remember your Outcome Goals from 3 Days ago? I want you to write that down again.
What are the top 3 skills that you need to achieve this Goal?
When you’ve identified these skills, I want you to put an action next to them. These can be really simple actions like – Walking through the Gym Door, Preparing your Breakfast Shake the night before, Having a glass of water when you wake up, etc.. You get the picture, they are actions YOU can control!
Repeat these behaviors until they become habits (about 28 days!)

Try to avoid using ‘avoid goals’ – You know the type. I need to stop adding sugar to my coffee, I need to stop having so many sweets, etc… The problem with avoid goals, is that they fixate our brains on the things we’re trying to avoid. Don’t think about the pink Elephant – and now your brain is thinking about pink elephants. Instead I want you to use Approach Goals. Goals that are focused on things you want – Ie If you want to stop snacking on junk food, change your goal to having a nutritious apple at morning tea!


Outcome Goal
Lose 10kgsLower Blood Sugar
Squat More Weight
Sleep 8 Hours Per Night
Improve relationship with my Partner

Behavior Goal
Have a protein rich meal for breakfast
Attend CrossFit Training sessions 3x Week
Set an alarm for Bed
Have date night once per week.

Send us an email and let us know what your behavior goals are!