Today I want to talk to you about the importance between training and practice,  and how to master the double under.

Now that you’ve been at CrossFit U for 3 weeks you’re probably starting to find movements that you LOVE, and movements that CHALLENGE you!  It’s totally normal to have favorites – but recognizing where your limiting factors are, and spending time on improving them can help you make big leaps in your training!

The best way to achieve a new skill (muscle ups, double unders, etc) is through practice. Practice is about teaching your body how to move in a certain way – it’s best done with lower heart rates, lower weights, and in a controlled environment!

In contrast to practice we have TRAINING, training is all about creating an ORGANIC adaptation (endurance, strength, stamina, flexibility).  We want to work hard when training – this means higher heart rates, heavier loads, and greater intensity. It’s our way of telling our bodies that we want improvement!

Knowing the difference between when to PRACTICE, and when to TRAIN is important.
For example if we practice Double Unders during a workout we may spend more time being frustrated then actually working out!

Now that you know the difference between practice and training – I want to challenge you to

Master your Double Unders

Mastering the Double Unders will allow you to make the most of the WOD – not to mention the skipping rope is a great tool that you can take with you EVERYWHERE!

See you in class!