CrossFit U Coaches

Meet the Team!

Alex Cheong

Coach / Owner / Geek
After working abroad in the advertising industry for 4 years, I decided to follow my passion and retrain as a CrossFit coach. I’m probably one of the biggest CrossFit junkies you will ever meet – my idea of a holiday was working at the CrossFit regionals and travelling around Europe in a van visiting gyms! I played Underwater Hockey for New Zealand when I was 16 (yes it’s a real sport!), I did a little stint as a Divemaster in Thailand, and I used to throw myself out of planes for fun. .

Maria Zampogna

CrossFit Coach

I love how Crossfit challenges me, motivates me everyday and also the friendships you make when joining a awesome box. Everyday I love seeing like-minded people giving 100% and finishing the session with a smile on there face.


Jacinda Cheong

Physiotherapist / Coach / Mobility Geek
I have always loved working in the health industry and more recently been involved in specialising in injury prevention and improving athletic performance through optimising bio-mechanics and movement. I am a self confessed geek and love attending lectures and conferences and trawling through journal articles when it comes to the latest and greatest in scientific research to do with the human body.

Will Huyn

I am passionate about health, fitness and performance. I love seeing people reach their goals! As a kid growing up, I absolutely loved martial arts and movies! Throughout the years I have experienced a number of different styles: Judo, Wrestling, BJJ, Boxing, Muay Thai and Karate. I did Karate for over 5 years and achieved my 1st dan black belt. Training and coaching Crossfit are an integral part of my life.

David Vuong

Coach / Weightlifting Geek
I believe time is best spent doing things that you enjoy most and CrossFit is one of them!  It was not until early 2013 when I found CrossFit U.  I have found specialty areas (movements) that I’ve particularly enjoyed and have educated myself outside the box – Olympic Weightlifting, Gymnastics and Mobility.