Mentorship Program

We love group classes and we believe they are an amazing tool to help you achieve your Health and Fitness goals. However we think from time to time that you may also need some individual attention to work on developing certain skills(Muscle Ups, Pull Ups, Olympic Lifting)  or maybe just to keep you accountable!

Our Mentorship program is about creating a relationship with YOU and a CrossFit U Coach. Designed to maximise your performance IN and OUT of the gym. 

Our Mentorship program is designed to maximise your progress
IN and OUT of the gym! 

Daily Nutrition Coaching

Nutrition is an important part of achieving your Health and Fitness Goals. Our Daily Nutrition Coaching will empower you with the skills and habits for permanent and lifelong change. 

Fortnightly Power Call

Our Fortnightly Power Calls keep you accountable and on track with your health and fitness goals. 

Monthly One on One

Once a month, you’ll meet with a Coach to review your Goals, training, and Nutrition.  You’ll receive a cusstom program to help you achieve your specific movement goals.

Unlimited Classes

You’ll receive Unlimited Access to our Timetable at both our Locations – Yarraville and West Melbourne. 


Coach Peta
Remedial Masseuse and lover of Puppies

Coach Emily
The Polite Coach (and Functional Movement Specialist)

Coach Vuonger
Movement Nerd and Olympic Lifting Guru


Precision Nutrition is an industry leader in Nutrition Education. Over the past 12 years their system has helped 45,000 people achieve their body composition goals. Pro Coach isn’t a diet. It is a One Year Health and Nutrition Curriculum designed to empower you with healthy habits. Working with a CrossFit U coach you will build lasting and sustainable habits. We will be there to support you throughout the whole process with monthly catch ups to track progress, and frequent contact through email  to keep you accountable and answer any particular questions you might have. Habits are developed progressively and sequentially every 2 weeks. Yes, we’re looking for lasting and permanent change and that doesn’t happen overnight, or all at once. Do you remember how successful you were the last time you tried to change everything at the same time?


Up to a full year of our day by day curriculum, including videos, tasks, and frequent contact with your coach.


A sequential and progressive habit based approach to Nutrition


Weekly & monthly habits to learn, and skills to develop (like how to meal prep, post workout nutrition, determining portion sizes)


Monthly progress check-ins with your coach

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