In 21 Minutes complete the following:
10 x Synchronized Wall Balls
12  x Snatches as a team
20 x Synchronized Wall Balls
12 x Snatches as a team
30 x Synchronized Wall Balls
12 x Snatches as a team
40 x Synchronized Wall Balls
12 x Snatches as a team
50 x Synchronized Wall Balls
12 x Snatches as a team
In the remaining time, find your 1RM Snatch.

Male – 9kg Wall Ball to a 10ft Target, 50kg Snatches
Female – 7kg Wall Ball to a 9ft Target, 35kg Snatches

Male – 7kg Wall Ball to 9ft target, 35kg Snatches Female – 5kg Wall Ball to 9ft Target, 25kg Snatches


Partner Series Event Two is made up of two workouts.
  • A task priority couplet,
  • A test of strength and technique.
In your pairs you will perform 10 – 20 – 30 – 40 – 50 of synchronized wall balls. In between each round , partners will work through 12 Snatches. The workload of the snatches can be divided as you see fit.  There will be a time cap of 21 minutes to complete this workout, any remainder of time will be used to complete your 1RM Snatch.  You will have two scores for this workout, the time it takes for you to compete workout A and then the total weight of workout B.
At the call of 3, 2, 1, Go  – partners will perform 10 synchronized Wall Balls – both athletes must reach the bottom of the squat at the same time. If one partner reaches the bottom first, it is ok to wait for the other before starting the Wall Ball.   Once the round of 10 wall balls have been completed, athletes will move to the snatches. A total of 12 Snatches will be performed each round. Rounds 20, 30, 40, 50 and will be completed in the same fashion. Once the Wall Balls and Snatches have been competed – athletes can use the remainder of the time to find their 1RM Snatch.
Athletes can help each other load the bar, All Snatches must start on the ground,  power snatches, and full snatches will be allowed – the athlete must show control when they have stood up for the rep to count.