The Winter Partner Series

In House Competition: 8th July - 29th July

Grab your favourite CrossFIt U Workout Buddy, and join us for our Inhouse Partner Competition!

The competition will be made up of 4 x Partner Workouts and run on Saturday 8th July, 15th July, 22nd July, and 29th of July with the final workout being held at West Melbourne with a community BBQ.

There will be two divisions:
RX and Scaled

Two males OR two females
(Weekly Substitutions are fine)

$30 Per Person
(For BBQ and Drinks on the 29th July)


Winter Partner Series

7 + 1 =

Winter Series Partner WOD One – The Wall

Rumors of the White Walkers gathering in the north were starting to spread fast throughout the land.  The land and it’s people were starting to panic – Winter Had Come.

Nothing was standing between the villages and the horde from the north. It was then when the King called for heroes across the land to rally and help build a wall that would protect his people.


400m Wall Ball Carry @9kg / 7kg
40 x Partner Wall Balls to a 10ft Target
20 x Strict Push Ups*

One Partner Must be Planking, the Other Must be Completing Push Ups

400m Wall Ball Carry @ 7kg / 5kg
40 x Partner Wall Balls to a 9ft Target
20 x Box Push Ups (24/20)

One Partner Must be Planking, the Other Must be Completing Push Ups
5 Synchronized Burpee Penalty if Wall Balls stops moving during set of 40.

Score = Total Number of Wall Balls and Reps

Winter Series Partner WOD Two – The Climb

The safest wall was one without gates! The Horde was coming, and the wall could only be finished from the north. As the Kings champions you all volunteered to put the final touches on the wall, knowing fair well that you would need to scale it’s treacherous heights back to safety.

Get ready to climb yourself to safety!